Four Dutchmen Walk Into A Bar​.​.​.

from by Cain Marko



I thought these sunken eyes and yellowed fingers
would still revitalize the way they did when I was younger.
I thought I'd be a free and forward thinker.
I thought my battle cries would carry farther
But I learned that apathy leads to lethargy. To a silence I can't keep.
Into a bottle, then into bed and then back to sleep.
Into a dream where I am buried while i watch the whole scene.
An apnoeic gasp fills up my lungs and I wake up screaming,
"I'm still alive! I swear to you I'm still alive!
and if you let me out right now I'll be a monument to life.
It must look like I've given up the fight
but if you just let me breathe
I'll work the wreckage and I swear I'll build a masterpiece.
I'm still alive! I'm still alive!" and when I opened up my eyes
and I could see that it was just the veil of sleep I said,
"I'll make it right today while there's nobody burying me."


from Show Me The Way To Go Home, released November 2, 2012



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Cain Marko Grand Rapids, Michigan

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