The Cain Marko EP

by Cain Marko



released January 1, 2009



all rights reserved


Cain Marko Grand Rapids, Michigan

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Track Name: The Crew Manifesto
It was just one of those nights.
The air was electric.
The sky was soaked with just the right colors.
The people, the places, the circles, the laughter.
Out of ammunition the sun is coming up.
Amicable decadence exists where it can.
Canopy creates a broken spotlight.
The night is ours.
Burn down the forest and enter the city.
Vicarious living becomes something of substance.
After a long night that substance is abused.
Creating memories we can hardly remember,
going to empty beds.
Smiling through the gray of sun spotted dust streaks,
satisfied we've accomplished nothing.
Track Name: Fighting the Ocean
There were nights you could hear us singing through the walls
until the neighbors called the cops.
Looking back those times seem so important.
Singing with our four chord heroes.
Even now I still believe those words
and they mean more to me than they did on the day we heard them first.

If you see me in fifteen years looking like I've given up,
remind me when I was twenty-four
I issued this promise to never get so caught up in the bullshit that I
lose sight of the true things and cease to grow.

There are nights when the apathy cascades
with the whiskey running through our veins
sometimes it only takes a few chords to remind us

If we're sick of the chains that are tying our weak hands
let's cut them off and put our fists up in the air.
If we can get through today doing the best that we can
then hell, I think we're doing alright.

If you see me tomorrow
remind me I really do give a shit about all of this.
Track Name: A Lifetime of Hangovers
Alive still, not quite awake though.
My head pounds to remind me
this nightly numbing isn't working.
Maybe one more try tonight will work it out.
The rattle in my lungs echoes through the days that I wait through
just to toast the moon once more, to be carried through the streets
on the wings of an empty bottle.
That's it we've got one more day to go
shitfaced on the front porch
waiting for something to change
something to show me peace of mind and bring it.
That's it we've got one more day to go
we're fucked up and we're all still waiting for
our better days.
Track Name: The Old Bones of a Young Man
"Avert your mind." you said, "This is a goal that's intangible. Wash it off with an eight hour day and a six pack. Just go to sleep."

What happened to, "Live your heart."?
What about, "This is all I ever wanted."?
We'll sing it loud enough for you.

If we calm the storms inside our bones,
what've we got to hold on to?
A lackluster life of waiting for the day to end
to just lay down our heads and go to sleep.

All the days we have left, and the night we'll forget
let's make them all worth something.

We can settle for a nine to five or take a long shot.
Spend our days lying down or we can stand up straight.
We're still too young to just let go.

So sing out with a tired heart and a burning throat you can say all of the things you need to say.
We'll find out if the passions that we held are still our inspiration with a searching soul and a heart sincere.