Damn It, Valentine!

from by Cain Marko



When will won't culminate into direction, I slide into the arms of all the vices I fall back on.
Stumble and sway the blurred line between delusion and clarity.
I'm working hard at making an incision, a cut and fold back view of the way I've been living
cause it all goes by so easily unremarked and I'm no better off.
Hey, even the best lives can become wearisome.
Life doesn't unfold itself the way you thought it would when you were young.
Indifference takes hold and follows with a shadow's tenacity.
It found it's way into my blood and it's running deep.
Don't dwell on disdain these days apathy plays big
and holds far too much sway.
Feeling the lifestyle in body, wallet, and bones.
Constantly question the way life works and realize no one knows.


from Show Me The Way To Go Home, released November 2, 2012



all rights reserved


Cain Marko Grand Rapids, Michigan

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